Perpetua Team Competition 3rd October 2015

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Team Competition – Sign Up & FAQ’s

I think everyone will agree that the community in our gym is growing and the potential everyone is showing is amazing. Massive high five to all the coaches putting in the time but the main credit must go to YOU! You are amazing and now it is time to celebrate that progress, whether you’re just a new member or have been here for 3 years. Let’s test all those amazing movements you do every day and enjoy working out with this great community.

We ran this competition last year and it was a great success with over 60 members taking part and every member will tell you what a great day it was. This year we expect 100 members to take part so sign up and save the date – 3rd of October.

It will be great to see so many people coming together on the day, throwing down, working as a team and showing the type of community spirit that in my mind would rival anyone else’s!


The reason for running this competition is simple – Bring the community together and have fun! I know some people don’t like the thought of competing so I hope your fears will be overcome after reading this and also by talking to the members.

I am a big believer in pushing people outside their comfort zone in a controlled and safe environment – ‘Getting comfortable with uncomfortable’ sound familiar? There isn’t a greater feeling than knowing you have pushed yourself or achieved something that you didn’t belief you could in the first place.

The workouts will designed so they will be accessible to all fitness levels and any competition – we are not looking for any individual rock star performances, just for everyone person who walks through that door to enjoy themselves, push themselves a little and learn something along the way.

So you’re interested yes? Right let’s sign up!!!

Please sign up link this LINK

Competition details:

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Q – I have a team of three – what do I need to do?

A – Assign a team captain who will register your team through this LINK – Then every team member should pay through zen planner – No payment, no entry!!!

Q – I don’t have a team – what can I do?

A – That’s no problem, sign up as an individual and Team CFD will assign you as part of team

Q – Is there is a scaled & RX category?

A – Yes – you select your category when you sign up

Q – When will the workouts be released?

A – On the day – 3rd of October

Q – What does the 10 euro entry fee cover?

A – Food and refreshments

Q – I am new to CrossFit, will I still sign up?

A – Of course, it will be a great opportunity to meet everyone in the gym and to test your fitness, I promise you wont regret it!

Q – How many workouts will there be?

A – There will be 3 workouts for every team and then a final for the top 5 team

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