Perpetua Comp & Christmas Party – Why YOU Need to Sign Up!

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Perpetua Christmas Competition & Party this Saturday! I love when we run our competitions, it happens a few times each year, starting off with the Open and Friday Night Lights, followed by a summer and winter competition with maybe an extra one in there somewhere.

What makes the competition so fun? Community. Such a clichéd word in CrossFit that in a sense I almost hate to use it, but I love just having the whole gym together hitting workouts with loud music, cheering each other on and having a bit of fun. Working out in a team is an amazing feeling, you find this extra 10% you didn’t know you even had. The workouts are never difficult in that they’re not complex but you push yourself for your teammates and it’s a feeling that can’t fully be described but more so just has to be experienced.

I look forward to having 100+ people brought together, under the Perpetua sign, no ‘morning members’, no ‘lunchtime’ or ‘evening’ crew, just one big Perpetua Family that are not just from Ireland but all of Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and the Pacific. We really are a global worldwide family and it’s days like the competition days that get me excited. I guess it’s not just the competition but also the night out, when we get out of the gym and can relax and have some fun. Plus, it’s not often that we get to wear a shirt 😉

But wait, you’re not long in Perpetua and you’re feeling apprehensive about the competition? You’re not sure if you can do it? This is for everyone, movements will not too be complex and all movements, as always, will be scalable. I’d never use the word easy as the Assault bike is a possibility and that just hurts 😛

Our competition days are not just an excuse for workouts or nights out but we use them to raise money for charity. We have done this a few times for charities including Jack & Jill foundation, Nepal earthquake, Laura Lynn foundation and Crumlin Children’s hospital. This competition will be no different and we will be raising for the Simon Community. Homelessness is a huge issue in Dublin, a walk around the city centre and down any of the busy streets will show that. I can’t imagine the feeling of sleeping outside during these cold nights, it makes you realise that a cold gym now and then is not much of a real issue. We feel this is a vital charity to donate to especially during the Christmas period.

Sign yourself up here on zenplanner, and if you’re having sign up issues or questioning it email your coach or ask a coach in the gym and we will get you signed in. Throw yourself in the deep end this weekend, get to know each other in Perpetua. If you haven’t seen someone here, whether you’re hear 3 years or 3 days, introduce yourself. As always we’ll be having fun that night in The Jar on Wexford Street from 7.30pm and can’t wait to see you there!! There will be pizzas too!

All welcome to the comp so bring your friends and family to support!

Myself and Eoghan will be drinking Hendricks & tonic if you’re wondering, and we took Greg shopping for clothes at the weekend 😉

Coach Conor

Please note there will be no classes on Saturday to facilitate this comp. If you are wanting to do one of our Saturday team WODs then just sign up to the comp as it will be similar team structure just more FUN!

There is an added yoga class on Sunday at 10am to help with your recovery!

When signing up in Zenplanner please select ‘All Calendar’s’ as opposed to ‘Your Name Calendar’. You cannot sign up via the app.

For more info on why to sign up and comp FAQs check out coach Eoghan’s blog here!

If you’re new to the gym you can watch a video of one of our previous comps here!


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