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For those of you who don’t know me – Hi! I’m Jenny – the face behind the emails/social media etc! I may not always be there but I am always working invisibly behind the scenes!

The time has come for me to fly the Perpetua nest! I am hanging up my Metcons to climb back onto the corporate ladder.

Although I am very excited for some big changes in my life in 2017 – I will be sad to leave Perpetua! I have been working here for 2.5 years and have loved every minute of it. I can’t thank Dave, Michael and the team enough for my time here – I have inherited a bunch of misfit brothers that I will miss harassing me everyday.

Things I will miss most about working at Perpetua:

-Daily view of topless muscley men (#dream job)
-Living permanently in active wear (seriously what do people wear in normal people jobs – all I own is yoga pants?!)

I would say that I would miss the community too but I’m not going anywhere! You will still see me in class as I will be staying on as a member (Just don’t ask me any questions about your memberships ? !!)

CrossFit is one of my main passions in life (#changedmylife #cult) even if I don’t post enough Instagrams about my PBs. I am looking forward to focusing on it being my hobby, although I’ve a long way to go to get abs as good as Gigi Kehoe. (Not yet ready to give up the Ben & Jerrys and G&Ts.)

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 17.28.32

I am delighted to announce that I will be leaving you all under the very capable hands of Kat. Many of you will have met Kat as she has been coaching here the past few months (and don’t worry she will continue to coach too!) We are delighted that Kat is taking on the role. Tip: Have you tried her treats? Be nice to Kat and you might get lucky ? @thebakerbird

Good luck to everyone on their fitness journeys and I will see you all around the gym! Happy 2017!



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