Perpetua's Annual John Mehigan Cup

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The annual CrossFit Perpetua John Mehigan Cup went down Saturday, 11 July, in the honor and memory of John Mehigan and support of the Irish Cancer Society. This exciting battle-between-two-brothers’-boxes saw 66 athletes of all skill levels come together to compete in the most spectacular throwdown Perpetua Dublin has hosted yet. Ten teams from CrossFit Perpetua London flew in to compete in both scaled and RX divisions against home teams from our own Perpetua Dublin in one hell of an epic event!

The atmosphere of nervous energy was thick – 22 teams of three athletes (two men, one woman) were set to take part in a grueling but fun day of multiple WODs designed to challenge even the most confident competitor. Coaches Michael and Andy collaborated on the programming, and it’s a safe bet not a single participant was disappointed: motivated, anxious, and maybe even a wee bit scared, yes. Satisfied, damn proud, and maybe even a wee bit bruised and battered upon finishing each WOD – NO DOUBT! Plenty of success, sweat, and endorphins were flowing by the end of the four WOD, six hour competition.

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In addition to the teams competing, members old and new flocked in to support, socialize, and grab beers and burgers as part of the day’s festivities. Eric and Sasha from Physio Kinetics offered their services tending to the muscle and soft tissue needs of the athletes’ before and between WODs. Plenty of Optimum Nutrition and Bounce Energy Balls samples kept athletes and judges alike fueled for the long haul, while Papa Paleo himself grilled up tasty burgers from Bunsen for donations as part of the fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society. In total the event brought in just under 1000 euro – another great success for the day!

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After all the heats of all the WODs were judged and final scores tallied (well done to Andy for running the Leaderboards AND competing!), Team London walked away victorious with the cup–this time… Lexi, Dan, and Dan crushed it in the RX division! Dublin’s own Andy, Ryan, and Jess followed as a close runner-up. The scaled division resulted in a tie between London’s team Myles, Alejandro, and Sara and Dublin’s Tal, Mario, and Melissa. Of course, the only fitting way to settle it was a beer-chugging-and-burpees-off! Myles and Tal represented their teams and went head to head in a beer sculling challenge followed by max reps burpees in one minute. No vomiting ensued, and Myles proved to be the stronger beer sculler which won the first place scaled division honors for Perpetua London as well. This time…

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The night was topped off with food and drinks over at Sam’s Bar, where the craic and energy continued to peak well into the early hours of the morning! Overall it was memorable day for everyone in honor of a great man and a great cause. Way to kick-ass Perpetua Nation! And London, you guys had better watch out…Dublin’s gunning to bring that cup back home!

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