Please welcome Mesut our in-house massage therapist to the Team!

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“My approach to healing combines soft tissue and spinal manipulation, deep tissue massage, medical acupuncture, and postural awareness, coupled with stretching and muscles relaxation exercises.

In 2006 I completed my diploma in Basic Swedish Massage. My dedication to expanding and enhancing my knowledge in therapeutic practice led me to continue with studies and I am now also fully certified in:

       • Trigger Points Ttherapy1herapy
       • Sports Massage Levels 3 & 5
       • Medical Acupuncture
       • Electro Acupuncture
       • Biomechanics Coaching




I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and my treatments combine elements of all of the above to create a treatment that is tailored to your own your specific symptoms or problems.

My clients range from business professionals seeking remedial work to dedicated athletes and dancers looking for regular body maintenance.

Early last year I was introduced to CrossFit and was immediately fascinated by the psychology behind it. I have since become a regular devotee and as a consequence I fully understand the physical demands that CrossFit places on the body, as well as the common injuries and musculoskeletal conditions that it can cause.

Well-being is a shared responsibility between the client and therapist. Together we will study how you use your body, how it stands and moves, its range of motion. We can pinpoint muscle weakness or dysfunction with biomechanical screening and highlight any ‘holding patterns’ or habits of tension. This will empower you to help prevent, reduce or manage any problems… as well as improve your overall health.”

To book in with Mesut email: or call: 0798 9357438


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