Please Welcome Our Newest Member of the Perpetua Team – Linnaea!

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Linnaea (pronounced Lynn-eh-uh) grew up near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She started CrossFitting in 2011 in London (Ontario, Canada!) and has made it a top priority to find a new CrossFit gym whenever she moved to a new city – Hamilton, Vancouver, and more recently in Ireland where she became a member of Perpetua Dublin in March 2015. She has since relocated to the UK and joined the team at Perpetua London. Linnaea has past experience working in an administrative role at a CrossFit gym in Canada, and works with Jenny on admin tasks as well as managing the coaches in London. She knows that it’s much easier to stick to a regular fitness routine when it fits in with all of the other responsibilities of life, and what could be more convenient than working where you work out! While she works behind the scenes, you’ll also see her in class, and is always open to feedback and/or questions about how the gym is running.

Linnaea has an “alter ego” – she’s a Registered Dietitian in Canada and Ireland and intends to practice in the UK as well. She has worked in a few different clinical inpatient settings as well as private outpatient counselling. Linnaea is passionate about promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours and helping clients make realistic changes to better their health. In her own life, she aims to lead a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle, and enjoys CrossFit, weightlifting, yoga, and hiking.

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