The Power of Competition – Box Battles by Coach Ozzie

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With just 4 days to go until our 3rd Round of Box Battles I thought now would be the perfect time to reinforce some of the messages we’ve been putting out there about competing in CrossFit.

Last week we saw a great turnout for our in-house Throwdown and we were pleased to see PB after PB after PB from nearly all our athletes. Pleased…but not surprised. Not one eyebrow was raised or shocked expression worn by any coach. We’ve all experienced the adrenalin rush that comes with competing and know the power it can produce. That said, until you’ve stepped to the rig, racked the weight, taken her down and stood her back up again, that surge of adrenalin can be interpreted with fear. That same nervous feeling we got stepping into an exam hall or cup final. The line between excitement and anxiety is a thin one and without doubt can be prohibitive as well as powerful.

It’s this close relationship between anxiety and excitement that can put people off. Prompting lines like ‘I just don’t think I’m ready yet’ or ‘my body’s not in the right place for a competition right now’ or ‘I still need to work on my strength before I compete’. While some of these may be true, reasons for not competing,  they are not.

In-house Throwdowns, comps vs CF Dublin and Box Battles are the perfect setting for people to get their first taste at competing. All have scaling options, all have a familiar setting, and all have an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere attached to them. Ideal conditions for your comp debut.

Don’t wait for the ‘next one’ to cross the white line. There is no time like now. Sure we can all be stronger, fitter, better prepared. But one thing is for certain, competitive experience will help with all of that. It’s part of the journey…not the destination.

Still not convinced? Take the opportunity this weekend to come down and support the guys competing and get involved in the social side of competition both during, and afterwards.

Here’s a link to a short blog written by one of the organisers with all the details you need for this weekends 3rd Round.

Box Battles – Round 3. Saturday 11th October Vs Crossfit P360

Arrive: 10.30 onwards.
First WOD: Kicks-off at 11.30.
Sign up: Ozzie or Gemma or name on the whiteboard.

See you there.

Coach Ozzie

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