Pull Ups: Level 2 – Building some volume

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So we have progressed through level 1 and can now perform 1 good, solid, collarbone over bar pull up or chin up basically anytime you’re requested or challenged. You do not progress here if you have only ever hit 1, you must be able to hit 1 consistently!

There are no surprising exercises here, and you can still include work from level 1. You should still be doing activation/prehab/rehab exercises with each session.

So let’s get to this, let’s start building towards 5 strict pull ups!

Level 2
Current Ability: 1 Strict Pull Up anytime
Goal: 5 Strict Pull Ups with NO kip

The Plan

1. (A) EMOM x 5
1-2 Strict Pull Ups; Start with singles, once you can perform 2 singles in each minute, add 1 minute until you reach 10 minutes. Once you reach 10 minutes try doing it with 2 consecutive pull ups.

(B) Three Sets
Single Arm Rows x 6-8/arm; rest 45 seconds between arms

(C) Accumulate 90 seconds in Hollow Body and Hollow Arch.

2. (A) 5 x 1 10s negatives; Pause 2s COB, 2s lowering to 90, 2s pause at 90, 2s lowering to bottom, 2s at bottom. Make sure at the bottom you are not disengaged.

Three Sets
(B1)Bicep Curls x 10-12; rest 30 seconds
(B2) Kipping Swing x 10-12; rest 45-60 seconds

3. (A) 5 x Banded Pull Ups x 15-20; When you reach 2 sets of 20 + 3 sets of 15+, try decreasing band strength.

(B)3 x Barbell Pull Over x 8-10; rest 45 seconds

(C) 3 x Side Plank on Elbows x 45s/side; Rest minimally. Try completing in under 6 minutes.

So there we have it, stay tuned for part 3!

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