Pull Ups: Level 3 – Bodyweight under control

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Now you’re getting pretty solid at hitting sets of 5 reps on pull ups. At this point if you have been doing the prehab exercises you should have a fairly strong shoulder. The focus of this level is to work up towards a pull up with 1/3 BWT added and start working on kipping pull ups if you desire! If there is no interest in Kipping, then ignore those drills! For Kipping, remember the standard is collar bone to bar, essentially a Chest To Bar pull up.

Level 3
Current Ability: 5 Strict Pull Ups anytime
Goal: Strict Pull Up with 1/3 Bodyweight; 10 Kipping Pull Ups

The Plan


1. A) 3 x 3-5 strict pull ups; rest 90 seconds. Every time you get 3 x 5 add a small amount of weight next time.

B) EMOM x 5 3 Kipping CTB Pull Ups; Make sure the kipping pull ups are perfect. Nice tight body positions. When you do 3 for 5 minutes, increase by 1 minute up to 10 minutes. Then increase the reps and start back at 5 minutes..

2. A) 5 x max strict pull ups; Rest 2 mins. If you start getting 12+ add weight

B) Tabata Hollow Rocks/ Hollow Arch Rocks; If it gets easy, change to EMOM x 8 45s max Rocks.

3. A) 5 x 1 strict Pull Up + 1 Negative; The weight should be heavy enough you would really struggle to get 2 full reps. Complete the first rep them jump up over the bar and take 5s to lower yourself to lockout.

B) 1 set max Kipping Pull Ups.

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