Pull Ups: Level 4 – General Fitness or Competition?

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In this part we start to separate between someone after general fitness and someone with competition in mind. Someone looking for general fitness may have no interest in kipping and that is fine. Even if you don’t plan to compete at a high level, high volume kipping pull ups may be of interest to you. We are going to look to build some endurance and look to be able to hit sets of 20. There is also the introduction of Butterfly Pull Ups, something that is only really necessary for competitive athletes.

Level 4
Current Ability: Pull Up with 1/3 Bodyweight; 10 Kipping Pull Ups
Goal: 5 Sets of 20 Pull Ups; Butterfly Pull Ups. If you have no interest in performing Butterfly Pull Ups, then replace the butterfly kip work with more core work.

The Plan

1. A) EMOM x 5 10-12 Kipping Pull ups; Keep adding 1 minute each time you complete 12 reps in all minutes. Once you reach 10 mins increase to Kipping Pull Up x 15-20 every 90 seconds x 8.

B) Butterfly Kip Practise: Work some drills for 10-12 mins.

2. A) 50 Kipping Pull Ups for time; Note your times and try to aim to do in minimal sets.
B) Butterfly Kip: Work some drills for 10-12 mins.

3. A) 30 Strict Pull Ups for Time; Minimal sets! If you can get over 10 reps in a row add some weight. If you can’t do more than 5 in a row it is too heavy.
B)Butterfly Kip: Work some drills for 10-12 mins.

Check out parts 1 – 3 here and watch out for number 5 next week….

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