Pull Ups: Level 5 – Going all out

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The final part of this series. We are aiming for 30+ CTB Butterfly Pull Ups. This will take some amount of work but if you’re wanting to compete in the big leagues then you are going to want to have a lot of these in the tank. If Butterfly Pull Ups aren’t of interest then you’re probably already pretty amazing at pull ups so if you haven’t already, it’s time to go get muscle ups!

Level 5
Current Ability: Comfortable with Kipping Pull Ups; Can Butterfly Kip
Goal: 30+ CTB Butterfly Pull Ups;

The Plan

1. Test your max CTB Butterfly Pull ups.
2. A) EMOM x 5
Butterfly Pull Ups x (Take 30-40% of your max CTB and use that as your starting point).
Once you can do 5 minutes, increase by 1 minute up to 10. Then retest your max CTB and start over.

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