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By Mario

Over the past couple of months, my journey at CrossFit Perpetua has been an exciting one, learning many things from all the coaches as well as spending time getting to see the amazing Perpetua athletes in action. Every day, I get at least 10 blog ideas. Picking the best one has always been the hardest part. What I have decided on is something that I believe can benefit every athlete in every sport, no matter what level they are at. What better place to start than the BEGINNING! (right???)


Where is the beginning and how does this have any relevance to where you are today? The beginning is where it all began (obviously) and in my eyes, your beginning paves the future to where you end up. But WHAT does this mean? A common questions I hear is, “how do I become the best we can at CrossFit?” One of the most confusing factors to everything in life is perception (Your view on what being the best is), but it is that that makes us all unique. These may only be my opinions but I believe that they can benefit almost everyone. Within this blog there are two main areas that I have decided may benefit us all the most.

1.) The FOUNDATION and,

2.) The FUN


For most of us our journey into building a solid CF foundation begins at your intro and continues onto the FUNdamentals. Although qualifying for class is quite an exciting time for many, the journey is far but over, in fact this is barely scratching the surface of awesomeness, if you can understand this and never stop being a student of Crossfit, you will be well on your way to the top. What does this all mean to you as an athlete you may wonder? Let’s look into simpler aspects, a skyscraper for example, more important than the height it may reach is the foundation it is built upon. With such importance placed on getting the foundation solid, the engineer trusts that every brick placed will not place any stress on what has come before because of the time and knowledge spent in perfecting it. Such is the paving leading to the top of an athlete’s journey. So what does the foundation consist of? TECHNIQUE (MOVEMENT), DEDICATION and PATIENCE. We have to be patient and dedicated in order to establish great Technique, for many this is not the be all and end all but when you start testing your building under extreme pressures, it is the foundation that will be tested the most. So how do we build the best foundation? Spend the time working on your movement, whether this means focusing on your positions or simply working on your mobility, you will be better for it.


Why do you do Crossfit is the question that generally explains this topic, although there may be various different reasons beyond the most common answer, this answer, I hope, is something along the lines of, It is FUN, I love it or I’m addicted. This should be something that should never change no matter how far you get as an athlete, whether you are competing at the Games or just trying to RX a WOD. If FUN isn’t the common denominator all the time then it’s time to assess where you are at. One of the biggest problems is the misperception that competing can’t be fun and we lose sight of this in the heat of battle. This basic principal applies to elite athletes performing at the top level and not just us. So what happens when the fun disappears? This is something that can be scary and lead to dark places, BUT it is not the end of the world, talk to a coach and establish a plan back to the FUN days for this is the reason why we Crossfit.



My view of Crossfit as a coach and aspiring athlete is one of that: my journey is a marathon not a sprint. The understanding I have of this is one that I practice and preach as a priority to every athlete, no matter what level you are at. If we can apply the Patience we need to have during the building of our Foundation, coupled with the determination we used to perfect our technique and add it all together with the FUN( that is the reason we started Crossfit in the beginning), then you will be destined for great heights. Although a new skill can be frustrating to learn at the best of times, I constantly tell athletes and friends that the guys at the top have been at it for years, so the fact that you don’t have a sub 3 minute Fran only a year into your journey does not make you a bad athlete. Listen to advice, ask questions and most importantly never give up the will to learn. If you can be a student of Crossfit for as long as your journey goes, you will never stop getting better. Yes others may learn faster and outrun you at certain points along the way but that doesn’t mean the heights they reach will be greater than yours.


Make movement and mechanics your priority; never give this up for the fastest WOD time of the day. Having a faster WOD time tomorrow means more than having yesterday’s best time plus a month of injury. You almost always have someone you chase. Try not to lose sight of your rabbit. You’ll be better for it, and remember that there is someone else out there trying to keep up with you… make them work for it.

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