R2P 13.1 – Inflammation



We talked on Saturday about inflammation in the body. To simplify this we can make the example of a localised small inflammation in the body. This could be a small cut on the hand. This would cause the area around the cut to become inflamed, starting the bodies natural process of recovery and healing. In a localised inflammation the body can cope quite well in fighting infection and bacteria in healing the cut. In a larger cut, or say the loss of a finger the body would be overloaded and would require medical help to assist with the healing..
The same principals apply in the body when eating. The constant eating of inflammatory foods causes the body to experience systematic immflammation. This means an inflammation of the whole body. This is dealt with in the same way as the cut, in that the body starts its repair and recovery sequence. This can become chronic with prolonged eating of bad foods causing an overload on the body. Just as losing the finger would.. The body’s immune system is totally overwhelmed and overrun. Result: the body simply crashes. These crashes are usually in the form of sickness. The simple common cold or whatever viruses are out there in the world.
So the common cold or flu won’t kill me..?? Well the problem with overloading the immune system through inflammation is it’s directly responsible for fighting immune diseases like cancer and lupus. If the body is so busy and overloaded on a daily basis fighting inflammation, it will have no strength or energy to fight off and kill these strong mutated immune diseases..
So how do I give my body a chance to fight?? Well how about cutting out or reducing all/some inflammatory foods. Not even forever but what about for 30 days and see how you feel. This saturday will be 30 days to the end of the challenge so come on saturday and get on board. This small step will drastically increase your body’s ability to fight these killer illnesses. Our own immune system can be stronger and smarter then prescription drugs but it needs our help. Lynda will talk on Thursday in depth about immunity and its role in the body in fighting sickness.

Sounds like no craic or to hard to cut some of these food groups. Well the opposing column to you is a much tougher road to go down as I am sure we are all aware of. With most of us being touched closly by these diseases…..
To those of you still trying to reform to perform i salute you..!! For those of you still not on board please give it a thought.. 30 days of discipline could mean 30 more years of life..!!! Remember this is a health challenge not a weight loss program.
Love always,
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