R2P 13.1 – Weight loss, just one of the side effects


I just want to write today about what i spoke about on Saturday morning….

Myself and Lynda have recently embarked on a personal goal of ours with the reform to perform challenge … Many of you saw this as a weight loss program which kind of pissed me off to be honest and here is why.. I personally spent 4, six week cycles eating different paleo type diets in order to reform myself.. I spent most of 2012 working on this with average weekly hours on the project coming in around 20… I did all this as scientific research to see how my body would react and was it fundamentally safe to tell all of you to eat like this..It was done with the sole purpose of making you healthier and stronger.. Weight loss is just a nice side effect.. After proving my theories correct i asked Michael to take the women’s class and implement my ways of eating combined with crossfit…

I have taken this class for 6 months and have achieved pretty awesome results.. One of my proudest achievements was Karen o’ Neill coming off prescribed medication .. Not at my request but by her physician..!! Why am i telling you this..?? Do i want a blue peter badge..!!?? NO…!!! I simply want you to understand that there are greater things in my life then monetary gains.. The personnel and professional satisfaction i received from that is priceless..!! Again the focus was on health. Many of the women are seeing strange side effects of weight loss..!!!!

So with that in mind i want all of you taking part in the challenge to go with me on a strict 30 days eating.. Each day you will fill out an XL sheet with what food you ate and rate variables like sleep, skin, mood, and hydration.. If you take 10 minutes a day to fill this sheet out and send it to us we will adjust and comment on how you are eating. With constant adjustment to your diet it will help you achieve your goals quicker and with less stress..!!! We can also advise why you are getting cravings and how to stop them..

This service will take countless hours on our end which we are willing to give at no charge.. Please use us to help you through this tough time.. Remember I’ve been there..!!! As i said above your success in this will give me a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction..

See you all in city center gym this Saturday at 9.30,

Love always,


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