R2P 13.1 Why can i never satisfy them cravings??


When we hunted and gathered food in a land long long ago we were equipped with primal signals that would allow us to eat foods that would satisfy our bodies requirements for protein fats and carbohydrates…. These signals were based on sweet being a safe source of nutrition and energy, fatty was a dense source of calories and salty a means of conserving fluid.. These in built primal signals allowed us to eat safe nutritious foods..

In today’s modern world these signals have been drastically altered by food scientists working for large manufacturers.. !! They have replicated these primal signals tricking our taste buds and brain to believe the sweet taste we get while eating junk food is a safe nutritious food.. So a signal is sent to the brain to eat more of these foods.. The problem here is when you consume these foods your body is not tricked..!! So when the food is digested and your body realizes that no nutrition has been received the brain will call for more food.. Again we consume more junk food with the brain saying its good and the body saying no..! Do you see how this vicious cycle can continue with the body ultimately never being satisfied…. These junk foods contain little or no nutrition and are essentially empty calories..
So how can we satisfy the body..?? Well this is done in 2 ways in our bodies..
1. Satiety..
This occurs in the digestive tract(the intestine to be specific).When you have taken in enough calories and nutrition to satisfy your body a hormonal signal is sent to the brain saying stop eating i’ve had enough..This signal can not be fooled or tricked by scientists…But if we were to rely on this hormonal signal alone we could get sick as digestion takes several hours.. So in comes…
2 Satiation…
This way of regulating food intake is based on taste,smell and texture of food..Unfortunately these senses can be fooled by scientists.. So when you eat that chocolate bar or cookie it may trick your brain to say this food is nutritious but you will never fool your body….!!
The danger is by constant consumption of these junk foods you can literally re-wire your brain….!! Let me explain..
Food is  emotional first and foremost.. The brain puts pleasure ,reward and emotion all in the same bracket..So when we eat these super sweet manufactured foods it results in satiation which in turn releases dopamine.. The  same sensation received by a drug addict when they snort or shoot drugs.. Now your creating a monster..!! The body produces endorphins(opioids) which brings on a feeling of pleasure.. This brings on a craving for that food now to bring back that feeling of pleasure…A craving to a never ending cycle remember..!!
So in essence what food scientists have created with there use of high fructose corn syrup, msg and artificial sweeteners is legal heroin in a nice corporate wrapper and marketing scheme..So for those of you on the Reform to perform challenge take this as an opportunity to break free from this never ending cycle of eating empty calories and never satisfying your body.. Dieting and cutting calories will only be a short term fix.. Remember your body will decide when you’ve had enough to eat, but only if your eating basic primal foods..
These basic primal foods(meat,fish,chicken,fruit,veg,nuts,seeds and oils) will allow the body to operate efficiently by measuring the macro and micro nutrients in each meal and deciding on how much food you need..Lynda will explain in detail about macro and micro nutrients on Thursday and tell you how the food you eat effects you on a cellular level…
I am in this 6 week journey with you along with Dave,Al,Chad,Andy.Fiona and Lynda.. Give your body time to adjust to your new way of eating and accept there will be some side effects of headaches,weakness,nausia and general moodyness..!!!! This is the legal drugs leaving the body..!!!
Ill see you all again on Saturday at 9.30 to explain more about the effects of sugars wheat’s and grains on the body,
Love always


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