Rediscovering Your Inner Fight!

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This blog will be relatively short and simple. Nonetheless it’s something that myself and some of the other coaches have noticed recently.

You guys are awesome. You push hard, a lot of you live and breathe what we do at Perpetua which is so great to see because it’s not actually as common as you think. We have something special here.

There is such thing as knowing when to back off. Some of you guys (although you’re still crushing the WODs we put up on a daily basis) are starting to look a little tired. This can be down to a number of things.

Have a look at my previous blog on the importance of recovery if you need some ideas on how to optimise your recovery. However this post is more to do with your central nervous system and your adrenal glands.

When you’ve pushed hard everyday for weeks on end, you will start to fatigue a bit mentally and physically. There is no shame in coming into a workout and accepting that you don’t feel like going RX today, it’s your body’s way of telling you that it needs a rest.

My advice for recuperating that mojo and coming back stronger than ever is to take 3-4 days off now and then. Off of training, off of life. Go somewhere, turn your phone off, destress and come back and “swim in a sea of awesomeness” (Thank you Lee Steggles for that little phrase). Catch up on those Zzz’s and eat some real food! You will be amazed at the difference this makes to your body and mind!

Our new programming format which will be released soon will give you the option to choose Base and Peak levels. This is not to create a divide between the class. This is to give you an option to your training. We expect some of the more elite athletes among you to be switching to base workouts now and then to make sure they keep themselves fresh and likewise we expect newer athletes to attempt a Peak workout now and then.

For more information on this, take a look at the link below!

Train hard, recover harder guys!


Coach Mike

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