Reform to Perform – Bring a friend day


The Reform to Perform Paleo Challenge starts this Saturday, January 12th. Kicking off with a Paleo Meeting, starting at 9.30am, one in Blackrock and one in Town. It will be the first of a series of 6 meetings held every Saturday for the duration of the challenge

These sessions are aimed at teaching you the benefits of eating certain foods and the side effects of other foods, also to give you meal plans and help you organise and structure your eating day. People will be required to attend all 6 meetings.
We would ask that you try to make this a priority for you for the next 6 weeks. As we have mentioned in the previous blog, myself (Lynda) and Maddog will give all the help and time you need at no cost. Please don’t waste our time or yours, be serious and commit to this life changing opportunity.

Partners and children are welcome and encouraged to come to these meetings. Support and help from the home during this six weeks can make all the difference in the world.
There will be a €50 buy in, which you will get back after attending all of the six meetings.
In other news, we will be holding an Open Day on Saturday the 12th of January, to give our Members an opportunity to bring a friend who may be thinking about making positive changes in their 2013. If you are happy with the training, coaching and your overall experience here at CFD then you can walk them towards the light!!!!
There will be one session in the City Centre and one in Blackrock – both running at 12.30pm. There will be partner workouts, so that you can work with your friend and still get your WOD in.
To book a place in these classes for City Centre contact and for Rock – book with Maddog email
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