Rest days – are they important?

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Recently I was forced to take a rest week. Something that I always encourage people to do, but admittedly I am not too good at doing myself. But exhaustion, fatigue, mild injuries all contributed to my decision to take a week off from training. I have always been an all or nothing type of person and I tend to push things as far as I can before they almost break. Probably not the most sensible approach to life, but that’s me. So, after a few conversations (almost arguments..) with a close friend of mine, I decided that I really did need to let my body recover properly. With the Open coming up in less than 2 months time I know I needed this.

It’s very easy when we start CrossFit to become hooked. The more we train, the more results we see. We enjoy being around other like minded people, the community is a huge part of CrossFit and Perpetua really does have a fantastic community. We see physical results in our bodies and our numbers go up, WOD times go down. Slowly 3-4 times a week becomes 5-6 days with an active recovery day thrown in the mix too. All of a sudden our rest days have become training days.

The time off between training days gives our bodies a chance to recover, repair, our muscles to grow. So what should we do on our rest days? My advice? Do nothing, sleep and eat nourishing food. Just stop for a minute and let your bodies just chill out. Let the mind relax. Yes there will always be that active recovery class at the gym that is almost calling you out of bed on a Sunday morning…but in my mind it isn’t a rest day. Just the volume alone, the amount of reps you have put your body through in the week should warrant a complete break from the gym. I am not saying never to try the Sunday recovery class, but if you do make sure you then take another complete day off that week.

I read a good article the other week which backs up some of what I have said here and it also gives a few other good tips and advice on your CrossFit journey. I have pasted the link below for you to have a read. Be good to your body and it will in turn be good to you. Happy resting peeps!

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