Saturday 27th Open Workout 16.1

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Saturday’s Open workout 16.1 – despite being a logistical nightmare – our community at Perpetua went back to the heart and soul of the sport.

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On a cold Saturday morning, with every inch of the gym needed for completion, the small amount of space left was brimming over with fellow Perpetuaites ready to support and endure with one another. What stood out to me most, apart from the amazing performance individually by everyone, was the can do attitude people had to help make the event work. Whether it was jumping in as a judge, helping warm up, making the transition between each heat as smooth as possible right up to packing up at the end of the day – the general positive and patient attitude from everyone was outstanding. There was no selfishness just a complete community atmosphere, not just participating for yourself but to be a part and be connected to a wider whole. Doing it together is what makes it not only possible but fun! Those endorphins are not just from the burning muscles but we feed from the energy of those around us, get lifted up and spurred on by cheers but also the inspiration of those who have competed before us and those to come after.

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In the old days – when CrossFit started out – it was people turning up and giving something new a go without agenda. As CrossFit has developed as an elite sport, the Open is the last bastion of connection to the community, the community which holds the values and true spirt of CrossFit. Saturday was the perfect example for me of a community of ranging abilities and ambitions throwing down together.

Well done to all who competed and thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

Coach Baz

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