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As some of you may know I took the trip over the waters to CFD (CrossFit Dublin) to work with Albert Keogh and Dave Price in order to complete an intense apprenticeship. It is a very exciting opportunity to work with some amazing coaches and experience a well established box. I will be looking to grow new avenues with Michael and Philly when I am back at CFSL launching both CrossFit Women and CrossFit Kids.

Here’s a little about me:

Fitness and Exercise have always been built into me from a young age. I started competing in Judo regional competitions at 5 years old, winning my first gold and went on to be the first UK female under 16 black belt. Whilst also competing in Judo, I ran 100m and 200m for Kent and England competing all over the UK. I gave up following my dream when I lost my step-dad who was also my Judo coach but always continued with fitness.

I have worked as a Personal Trainer for the last 8 years and after 5 auditions gained a job as a Nike Trainer which has opened many exciting doors over the last 3 years. I also launched Wonder Woman at GymBox and I am the founder of Ladies that lift. Over the last year I have worked to certify many areas of CrossFit including L1 Trainer, Kids, Mobility and Oly Lifting.

What I hope to bring to CFSL is something different. Judo from a very young age taught me many things, discipline, confidence, competition and a respect for strength. It also taught me that fitness is a tool, something that can help prepare you for life.

CrossFit offers lots of similar traits, the tribe community, the Gender Equity, confidence, strength and the will to do better. Growing young athletes is hugely important and I would be proud for any young athlete in 10 years time to be at the CrossFit Games and say I trained at CFSL.

Inspiring Women and spreading the ‘CrossFit won’t make you bulky’ message is a passion of mine and I hope that the women of CrossFit will grow at CFS.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing all the members of CFSL again soon.



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