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In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.

What a message!

I fucking love this sentiment. Mainly because I work in an industry that is guiltier than most of preying on this. The way the health and fitness industry exploits our self-doubt and insecurities to make profit is just a massive bunch of bullshit, and I’ve only really just woken up to it.

You can see it in nearly every article that gets released and all the magazine front-covers. In the gimmicky props that are always getting pushed. Butt implants, the shake-weight, the slendertone vibrating weight-loss machine and the classic ‘ab-roller’. In the faddy new workouts that are different just for the sake of being different. In the bullshit short-cut promises of abs in 7 minutes and the 2-week beach-body-diet.

“Hey dude, come get shredded yesterday on this workout of 3 minutes of crunches every 2 minutes for 6 hours every 2 days. Just buy this matt, crunch-aid kit, instructional DVD, a 12-month membership to our website, and you’re set.”


People come into this industry with the question ‘How can I make money?’. Which just isn’t the place to start. You have to come into this with the primary objective of helping people. How can I help someone? What can I produce that will impact people and make a positive difference to their lives? You have to recognise the power of what we’re dealing with here. Appreciate the responsibility you have and act accordingly…

May sound righteous…but stick with me.

We’re working with something that has the potential to transform lives. Not only physically. That’s just the by-product. I’m talking mentally. Increase someone’s self-image and improve their perception of themselves and that is a huge fucking deal. Mammoth. I can say from personal experience as someone who’s going through a journey right now of changing my self-perception…I can’t really describe how impactful it is.

To prey on a lack of self-worth, and actively target that aspect of our personalities is wrong.

This is obviously a broad topic and one I want to address in depth moving forward but essentially what am I saying here…?

Why do I do what I do?

This. This right here. This is it. One of the reasons I am so passionate about wellness is because I recognise the huge potential we have here to positively impact another person’s life. I want to ward people away from being sucked into a psyche where you’re motivated through questions over self-worth and self-perception. I want to ward people off making a decision based on negative emotions like insecurity and fear. In my experience, decisions made based on negative emotions often lead to regret, and don’t carry nearly the same power as decisions made from a positive rationale. Why do you want to get fit? It’s a decision making process of ‘because I don’t like my stomach’ or ‘I think I look fat’ versus ‘because I want to be the best version of myself possible’ or ‘because I want to set an example to my family and be a strong mum/dad’.

I see way too many of the first examples. The most satisfying moments in my career to date have been witnessing people as they begin to get that badass feeling you get from feeling capable. The confidence they take from achieving goals. The mental release they get from working out and the calm, contentment afterwards. Seeing people change the way they see themselves. Owning their body instead of being owned by it.

Its beautiful, powerful, and often understated.

Which, incidentally, describes the most self-aware and self-confident people I know.

That’s why I’m at Perpetua.

Why are you here?

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