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The CrossFit Open is only a few weeks ago, one of the biggest competitions where anyone in the world can participate. What other support can you compare scores against someone the same age as you on the other side of the world? It’s an amazing five weeks and I can’t wait to see everyone taking part!

1 – Its FUN!!

Picture this… The lights are on, Daves musics isn’t on, it’s my playlist so the place is kicking, people are working out, pushing themselves and there is over 100 people cheering everyone on!! Of course, you may be nervous but that’s all part of the fun!

And guess what, you won’t know how fun it will be if you don’t sign up 😉

2 – Of course YOU can do it, everyone can!!

Never ever doubt yourself when it comes to taking part in any competition, workout or The Open! You can do it!

Since 2015, CrossFit have introduced the scaled division. So if you don’t have Muscle ups..no problem, there will be scaled version. The reason CrossFit launched this last year was so that everyone could compete and to not prevent any athlete from doing the workout as prescribed.

If you feel you can compete at RX and have been taking on the Peak WODs recently, then go for it!!

So no excuses 😉

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3 – Embrace the amazing community we have here at Perpetua

We have an amazing community here!! Everyone will be cheering you on and you’ll get to meet people who go to the gym at different times than you!

Here’s two things the community will do:

1 – Will get you motivated (Pumped)

Everyone will be telling you to push yourself and you might even want to meet your best friend/training buddy 🙂

2 – You will motivate other people

Someone could be new to the gym so they might think you are awesome and will want to push themselves in the workout!

4 – You might do something you thought you couldn’t do 🙂

It could be something small or really big!

It could be 20 Double unders in a row, getting a pull up or even a Muscle up!! This is what The Open does for people, it shoots up that adrenaline and you do things you thought wasn’t possible..yet!

I could go on forever, just go for it!


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For those who wish to get their scores on the CrossFit Open leaderboard across the globe and compare yourselves internationally….and for a chance to make it to the Games ?

– Register Here

For those who wish to compete in our inhouse comp and get your name on the Perpetua leaderboard each Friday night.

– Register Here

You can also register for both!

For more info on the Open find all the details here!

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