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During the beginning……

You’re making progress, everything is going really well, you’re hitting personal bests on everything known to man. Life is good. You’re becoming a super hero. Or so it feels.

3 months in…..

You’re still making good progress, some things have started to slow down but generally progress is still pretty great.

1 year + in….

You begin to ignore the progress you’re making in certain areas to focus on numbers that you really want to go up. This is the stage where you start to get frustrated. That deadlift PB you hit 2 months ago hasn’t gone up, why? “I hit 100kg back squat last week and this week I only hit 95kg.” Something feels wrong. Or is it?

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The Reality

If you speak to any Crossfit coach or athlete who has been training for a number of years they will likely tell you that their personal best lift that they hit might have been quite a long time ago. I know my personal best clean hasn’t gone up since exactly 83 weeks ago (Yes I use instagram a lot).

Is this a problem? No.

Like you guys I often get caught up in the numbers and forget to focus on the progress I am making in other areas. Recently, this has been my engine. And this is the same case for a lot of you. We go through different adaptations to our body and our goal at Perpetua is to develop you guys to become slowly better at everything. Sometimes this means that you might have a small dip in strength as you are lacking in other areas. Some times this will mean you become strong as an ox with a small dip in your lactate threshold or aerobic threshold.

The reality of training for Crossfit is that becoming really fucking good at everything is quite hard. It takes patience, discipline and focus. We try to make it as easy as possible for you guys but you have to keep your chin up when you’re having a bad day, look around, and realise that you’ve actually improved one hell of a lot from day 1.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be laughing your way to those fitness gains.

– Mike

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