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On the weekend of the 13th and 14th of December, a team of 12 Perpetua athletes travelled to Bath, to compete in what was officially Europe’s largest team competition.

Starting with over 70+ teams from around Europe, the team went through a stage of 3 qualifying workouts that would ultimately establish the top 30 teams who would assemble in Bath for what was know as the Finals. After months of qualify workouts and endless recording issues, we had finally completed our qualifiers. Sitting in the top half of the 30 teams to qualify the feeling of relief echoed amongst the team. Knowing our work was far from over; we received confirmation of a 13th place qualification and an invite to Bath as a result of this.

Over the weeks to come, the feeling in the team was a great one. Finalizing the team and establishing the Subs and Coaches, all that was left, was to receive confirm of the workouts and practice as best we could. As per normal the workouts took forever (or at least it always feels this way) to be released. The day had come and the first few of 9 events were released. Finally we had something to work towards. Days followed and more and more events were released, the preparation started. Team training sessions and testing was under way, in order to establish the best possible combinations to complete the workouts. With a true test of Strength in Depth being the trend amongst the workouts, it was important that the best people for each job were picked. Keeping a great balance we finally had our combinations down and prepared as best we could.

On Friday the 12th we packed our cars and headed to Bath. Arriving separately we all met for athlete registration. The usual curious stares began, looking at the other teams and wondering what they ate to become such beasts. All I knew was that the competition had unofficially begun. We headed out for a bite to eat and onto our hotels for some much needed rest.


The morning began with an athletes briefing about the events to come during the day. We were placed in heat 2 according to our ranking and knew we had a lot of work ahead of us in order to make the Final (top 10). Event 1 was snatch and front squat with both the guys and girls hitting the goal weights, we had started off exactly how we needed to. Event 2, 3 and 4 followed suit as we worked our way up a couple of positions heading into the last event of the day. Event 6 was a knock out event and with both guys and girls advancing into the semi final, the team was fired up. Amazing results followed in the semi final and onto the final we went. With the ladies finishing amazing strong and the same happening for the guys, we ended the day with our first event WIN!!! The mood in the team was amazing as we headed out for something to eat and onto bed, preparing for day 2.


After an amazing day 1 we started day 2 in 9th position overall and now being placed in heat 3, which meant we had earned the right to mix it up with the big guys. Day 2 started as Day 1 ended with a really great finish in the first event and a spot in the final started becoming even more real. Hovering between 9th and 10th spot we knew that we had to get a great result in the last event to secure us a place in the final. A massive final push was exactly what we needed and the team delivered when we needed it the most. All that was left was to await the official results of who qualified. Crossfit Perpetua was the first name announced as the team lit up with excitement because we had done what we had set out to do. All that was left was to face the final. With nothing to lose we entered a grueling final know that we had secured top ten. A lightening fast 5 min workout was all it took and we had finished with a final position of 10th place.


Setting off for the weekend we had set a goal of making the final and we knew that it would require some amazing effort by all. With the huge efforts put in by every member of the team we accomplished what we set out to do. As a team this was only a start and the thought of what we can achieve in times to come is exciting!!

A massive congrats goes to all members of the team and a special thanks to everyone who showed their support during the course of the weekend.

Coach Mario

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