Strength is Never a Weakness.

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So its the end of the 12 week Squat Cycle in the Strength and Movement Class. By all regards it was a massive success. We had over 20 people test their 1 rep max in the Front Squat and The Back squat. 90% of the participants set new personal records. The other 10% were just back from being ill or were very fatigued that day. Those who committed to the full 12 weeks saw massive progress in their strength. Especially in the squat variations.

This week we will be starting a new strength program. If your goals are to get stronger, gain some lean muscle mass or to increase your stability all movements then the new strength program is for you.

The new program will consist of a microcycle of Front Squats, Bench Press, Romanian Deadlifts and Paused Back squats. we will also be adding in accessories to accommodate These main lifts. The cycle will also include mobility, gymnastics and body comp work a.k.a beach weights. To meet everybody’s needs. The classes will take 1 hour.

We will be testing again in 12 weeks. If you want to see the best results i’d advise you to commit to the 12 weeks. The program is structured to accommodate members that only want to commit to mesocycles of 4 week blocks. if you dont want to commit but want to mix up your training and try something new you can also join whenever you please. The class is suitable for all levels.

To conclude, The main reason people have to scale is because they are not strong enough to complete the prescribed movements in class. Strength typically takes longer to build then over other physical skills. So why not take time to come to the strength class and build on your strength base.

Remember Strength is never a weakness,

Coach Conlan

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