Stress + Rest = Growth

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Do you want to improve your performance in the gym, in work and have a better quality of life? (what is quality life? Depends on the person). Here is an equation to help with that and a little synopsis.

Stress + Rest = Growth

The above equation holds true for all. I’ve adapted it from sport, I’ve applied it as an athlete and I apply it as a coach.

How this applies in sport

In a really simplistic micro view – Athletes train maybe, 5-6 days per weeks, sometimes twice per day, this is the stress. They tend to have 1-2 rest days that allow for recovery, adaptation and growth. Within this micro view, not every training day is a ‘hard’ training session, some are ‘easier’ sessions that allow for recovery and enable athletes to sustain their training and not hit burnout.

Looking at the macro view – They may have 4-6 weeks where training is increasing or consistent in load and follow this with a de-load week (decreased intensity that helps to promote (recovery/rest). This allows for adaptation to training and, in return, growth.

What happens if athletes just continue to train hard every day, no easy days, no rest days or train hard week on week without de-load?

Constant stress -> Burnout / Overtraining.

What can we learn from this and apply in the business/fitness world?
This is just as applicable in business as it is in sport.
Continually working hard, day in day out. Looking at emails at weekends, looking at them at 10pm at night. Sometimes there is no optimal ‘work life balance’ and there will be periods of increased workloads but this should be managed with rest.
What is rest? – Rest may be your 1hour gym session. It might be going for dinner with family / other half. It might be spending time with your kids / family / friends. This can be the micro view of rest (how we apply it daily/weekly).
Macro rest? – Looking at the macro view (yearly) we can apply rest through taking every holiday we are given by our work. Actually, booking holidays and taking down time, whether the holiday is in Ireland or abroad we need these days to help prevent burnout and allow for continual growth.

How have I used this?
The past 6-9months have been a stressful few for me. I zoned in on my micro by ensuring I hit my training sessions but limited them to 60-90min sessions so that I could give enough time to study / work.
I made sure to still make time for friends whenever they were free I tried to make myself available as I’ve learned that shutting social time out does not help work but only hinders it.

Macro – I’m wrote this blog from Spain, I finished my MSc and hopped on a flight to Spain for a 4-day break. This break has been useful for growth going forward! I could use a longer break and rest period but this has refreshed me and given me a chance to maintain my work levels and have a fresh outlook at my steps in life.

I hope this provides context for health and fitness in your life. I know a lot of people are determined and work hard, but remember to make your 3-5 gym sessions they’ll keep you healthy. If your doing too many gym sessions remember, rest leads to growth! Enjoy your social life, enjoy a few drinks or meals out because that’s what aids mental and physical recovery.

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