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From 11th June, Perpetua member Duffy will be taking over the Saturday Yoga classes here at Perpetua for the Summer. We also have an added yoga class at 6.30pm Thursdays with Hannah in H-Block.

Meet Duffy

Hey guys, my athletic background is mainly rowing and I’ve been training at Perpetua for nearly two years. The mobility drills thrown into CrossFit classes really helped me to iron out muscle imbalances and poor movement patterns ingrained through years of rowing training. I started including more mobility and yoga into my training and since then have been genuinely amazed at the improvements to my strength and lifting capabilities. The day my overhead squat went from stick to bar was a personal highlight. Having restrictions in your ankles or shoulders can translate to serious restrictions in your gains, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Today I train with full human capacity in mind to optimise my athletic performance. Range of motion is something we lose and something that needs to be practiced. Having seen the glorious light I trained at YogaLondon and am now a fully qualified yoga teacher. I currently teach yoga to rowers, cyclists and beginners at boat clubs in Putney and Fulham, and can’t wait to help you guys increase your range of movement, reduce your risk of injury, and get some big numbers locked down.

You can read more about my personal journey here: or follow me on Facebook here:

-Welcome to the team Duffy!

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