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Hi All,

Wow so 1st blog for me, anyone that knows me knows that I prefer talking to writing….hence the podcast. So please don’t judge me too harshly on the written words contained in this week’s blog.

We talk a lot about form, technique, mobility, workouts and so on at the box which is 1. Why we do what we do and 2. Essential to what we do.

However with this blog I want to turn the attention on positive thinking and to the people around us, what role they play and how other’s attitudes can help us reach our goals. Although, I am not going to try and tell you who to be friends with, highlight social issues or tell you who to date…..well not in a blog anyway! I really just want to raise questions on the subject and hopefully give some of my thoughts into what to look for in people to help push you, develop you and support you.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture I posted recently, it’s purely because I like the sentiment contained, I mean I never got to meet Wilfred Peterson before he died in 1995 and haven’t read a lot of his writing either. I just saw this picture 1 day and it summed up what I tend to look for in people and what I try emulate myself.

At Perpetua we have a whole lot of this and more as a community (Which Ozzie mentions in his blog), it is part of the reason I wanted to Coach full time and why I genuinely love being a part of the community, anyway that is enough pandering for your affection to convince you to keep reading.

I also like it as it is not damming anyone, all too often I see “motivational” posts that feel a bit aggressive, like the 1 below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 12.59.14

I am sure we can all identify with this, hell we can probably all think of someone this applies to but it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about who they are, what they mean to us and how much value they provide us. Is this then just a quick fix? Should we cull anyone from our lives (as if on a Facebook “unfriending mission”) if they’re highlighted as a negative person?

Or could we use good ole Wilfred Peterson’s idea to look at people differently and perhaps lead a little when it comes to our outlooks?

I am afraid I don’t know the answer, Sorry, I do know though that I do gravitate towards people described in the 1st image, thanks Wilfred!

The other thing is it is easy to get stuck in the negatives, I used to be the kind of person that would set my expectations low to avoid being disappointed, but how does that kind of thinking effect our training?

Sure it’s easier, but does is it help us get that elusive PB on our back squat, string 20 double unders together, how about a new Fran time or just doing a peak work out that day? Well while I was writing this blog I stumbled across this TED talk by Alison Ledgerwood:

She basically talks about looking at the glass half full and how powerful that can be in well… gains. So I thought; are we able to apply that to our training? Yes we need to be realistic with our expectations of our abilities and yes we need to build our base before attempting certain techniques, but can we celebrate the small wins in training, look at what went well in that day’s session and how it has got us closer to our goals.

Those of you that have been training for a while will, if you think about it, remember a time you couldn’t do something that you now take for granted and how long it took to get there and those of you new to training will still think some things are impossible.

What I am trying to say is that all the supplements, fancy shoes, gymnastics wraps and time in the box can be less effective without the positive mind-set of you and those around you.

Yes we all need to be realistic and sometimes to be reigned in, but if we don’t believe we can hit our goals and don’t acknowledge that we are getting closer each session………we never will.

Coach Gilesy

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