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The beauty of CrossFit, & the reason that so many of us love it, is because we thrive on progress. The best part about that, is that progress is entirely personal & varies between me & you, but also between you & your peers in classes. We celebrate the little wins, whether that’s getting two double unders in a row, that first pull up that you never thought would come, or getting a massive jump in a major lift.

But what happens when the progress slows, or maybe comes to a halt, & you don’t feel like you’re progressing anymore? You probably become frustrated, I think we can all relate. The purpose of this blog for me, is to highlight to you all, that it doesn’t need to be like that! The audible drive that everyone in the gym has for improvement is fantastic, but it doesn’t just happen by accident, we all need to work hard to keep progressing & fortunately for CrossFit Perpetua members, we have the right tools available to help you to improve your strength, gymnastics, olympic lifting, & ultimately your overall CrossFit game!

These tools start with the classes available to you, & your coaches. We have some of the best coaches in Ireland in the gym, there are many gyms around the country with coaches who can’t practice what they preach. In CrossFit Perpetua Dublin, we practice what we teach, every coach trains extremely hard, this helps us to coach the movements we push you through every day. Every coach undergoes additional training & is constantly studying to improve our knowledge so that we can pass this on to our members. Don’t be afraid to use this great resource which is right at your fingertips, ask the questions, chances are that someone else is thinking the same question too.

Here are a couple of tips to help you to continue to progress:

  1. Listen to the coach in class & don’t be afraid to ask questions
  2. Work with lighter loads for technical movements before loading the weights on. This will help to perfect technique
  3. Push yourself during strength portions. This is a common mistake made in gyms around the globe – simply going through the motions of a lift is not sufficient, it’s not supposed to be easy. If you don’t push yourself enough, your body will not adapt & improve. Give each section of the class 100% effort, don’t just save yourself for the WOD
  4. Are you using the gymnastics time efficiently? Use these 20 minute slots to pick one or two skills that matter to you, & ask the coach for progressions. Remember, as coaches, we have been there too; not being able to do a pistol or a muscle-up, with gymnastics, it is all about working the progressions
  5. Work your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra time working on those weaknesses. A lot of the time, it feels unrewarded, & in truth is hard work, however, keep that victory in sight of achieving your goal & don’t give up until you succeed.
  6. Are you making the most of the timetable? The timetable now offers more than ever before. Alongside regular classes, there is a strength class and an Olympic lifting class where you can develop even more as a crossfitter. Making the effort to incorporate these into your weekly schedule will not go without reward, being stronger and more skillful will help you in all elements of CrossFit.
  7. It’s not all about winning the WOD – Winning a WOD is not important when it comes to progress or making gains. Yes its great to win a WOD but the most important thing is that you gave the WOD 100%, you kept good form, good technique and most of all enjoyed yourself.

Every member should be assigned a coach and every coach is available for PT sessions if you want to work individually on that weakness.

Coach Eoghan

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