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By Coach Mario

Part 1: What do YOU want for YOURSELF?

What do you think of when you see the word ‘SKILLS’ mentioned in the same sentence as ‘CROSSFIT’? Things like handstands, butterflies and Toes-to-bars perhaps? One of the most common questions we as CrossFit coaches get asked everyday is how do I do this? or how do I do that? This, of course is the correct place to ask such questions and I, as a coach, get the greatest of joy teaching someone to master a new skill under my coaching. Of course this all happens in the ideal world, right? I show you a skill; you try it and BOOM you’ve mastered it! If only it was all that easy, although if I could make that happen for everyone, I would!

So what happens when the world is not ideal and skills are hard to come by? As a fellow athlete this is a problem we all encounter. Today my blog is more about trying to instill a few very successful practices that I have put into place in my own training, but before we start I will openly say it is not due to the fact that I am at the gym everyday that I have learnt new skills, but more about the fact that I am very methodical in training and very rarely defer from my plans! So what the hell am I on about and where do you begin? In my opinion there is always one place to start and that is with an honest self-assessment before carefully structuring a plan.

How often are you asking questions of yourself? The answer to this is generally, NEVER, but we mostly like to think otherwise. Today I am going to take you through a step-by-step action plan that I personally use. This is no special formula, but YES IT IS YET TO FAIL!!!

Before embarking on this “magical theory” on learning new skills, I want to take the opportunity to mention that yes I am a CrossFit coach, but that does not make me any more super human then every single one of you and what that means is that I too, have to grind away at a new skill until I master it! Being a coach does not make me learn anything any quicker than anyone else, so this is the step by step method I use. I hope it helps.


Pick a skill, any skill, a realistic skill based on where you are at as an athlete.


  1. How badly do you want to master this skill?
  2. Is this skill realistic?
  3. Do you have a step by step plan to achieve this skill?
  4. How much time do you really invest in learning new a skill?

This list is endless and the questions you ask must be specific to you, but the aim of exercise is to be honest with yourself, this exercise is often eye opening.


This is where the Sh*t hits the fan. But why, let me tell you why, this step hardly ever happens!!! Yes I did just say that and only because it’s true! Saying to yourself, in a moment of inspiration, “I will learn to handstand walk,” is not goal setting, at least not in the real world. So how do you set goals? Go get yourself a pen and paper quickly….

  1. What is it that you want to learn? Write it down.
  2. When do you want to learn this by? Make this a realistic date.
  3. How much time have you set aside to learn this new skill? 15mins a day (I provided this answer for you)
  4. How much do you know about learning this skill?
  5. Are you going to stick to your plan?

So by now you have 5 simple one or two word answers written down on a piece of paper. We are now, believe it or not, possibly closer to learning a new skill than ever before. How so though??? Now you have just converted a thought that was about to leave your head during a busy day of work, into a plan/goal that you are about to implement. Over to Step 4.


So how do we actually follow this through? Over the course of the week there will be a couple more blogs that will see me following this step by step plan in fine detail. The aim will be to provide you all with in-depth insight as to how I have recently learnt a new skill following these steps, this will be the actual plan I followed and perhaps a video demo of where I am currently with this skill.


Although my main focus in this blog seems to have been about goal setting I would just like to highlight that all of this is actually about self assessment and being honest about how much you do towards getting something you want. The most common fault I pick up is people wanting something but they do not put in the hard yards to get it and then end up moaning about it. Sound familiar?? It might be time to take action.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

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