Team Perpetua in Majorca – 9th -13th September

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A few of us from the competition group were lucky enough to be invited out to Majorca by Pricey on a team training trip. There were 14 of us in total including 4 coaches (Pricey, Mario, Lee Steggles and myself), a couple of partners/spouses and Amanda Long who visits & trains with us regularly from New York. We spent 5 days in Majorca, training, relaxing and of course a little partying 😉

The main focus of the trip was training and we spent 4 of the 5 days at CrossFit Majorca, which is run by 4 x European Regionals athlete Rob Martin. None of us had any idea about what the workouts were going to be, and this was probably the best part for me. Being out of my comfort zone in a new box, training in the heat and not knowing what lay ahead of us.

The first day was probably the toughest for me. After a very early start leaving for the airport (3am!) we headed straight to the box for our first training session, met Rob who was a really humble guy. We had a team chat and then kicked off with a 15 min Gymnastics EMOM, which on paper looked doable:

1) 2 legless rope climbs

2) 7/4 Muscle-ups

3) 20m Handstand walk


After about round 3 I looked around me and realized that it wasn’t just me who was finding this really hard! It was so taxing on the shoulders and not being familiar with rope climbs, I was learning a new skill in the middle of a WOD. Exhausted and sweaty, the ‘warm-up’ was done and we had about 10/15 mins to prep for the WOD:

40 STOH (60/40)
40 Burpees over the bar
30 STOH (70/50)
30 Burpees over the bar
20 STOH (80/60)
20 Burpees over the bar
10 STOH (90/65)
10 Burpees over the bar

This was possibly one of the hardest workouts of the week for me, both physically and mentally. Feeling fatigued from the early start, the travelling and the intense warm up, we then had this long and shoulder heavy WOD. It took most of us between 20 and 25 mins to get through. Burpees are normally my thing, but I remember thinking in the round of 20s, I can’t actually feel my shoulders anymore and getting down to the floor in my burpee was so tough. At the end of it we all felt pretty broken. Pricey then told us he had programmed this intentionally to simulate a ‘Regionals weekend’.

We had the afternoon off to chill out at the beach, which we all needed. We did a bit of recovery swimming and of course cliff diving into the sea 🙂 Having done what we did today, we knew that tomorrow could be equally as tough so we made the most of our down time.

Day 2 we were all secretly hoping for some squats or a leg heavy WOD. But no, we were faced with:
A warm-up of 4 x 20m prowler push, which left most of us wondering what the hell had just happened?! We then had

1RM Snatch, a ‘Double Classic’ of:
30 Muscle-Ups for time (time cap 6 mins) then the benchmark
‘Isabel’ – 30 snatches for time. Goodbye shoulders!

We all managed to hit some good numbers in the Snatch, with a couple of PB’s flying around. Going into Isabel from the muscle-ups was tough but I think we all got some good times – between 2 and 4 minutes.

We had a short break of a couple of hours before we were back in again for our afternoon session:

Teams of 2, establish a 3RM Front Squat then in the same teams complete:
120 Wall Balls
120 C2B pull-ups
120 Pistols
120 KB Snatches

Pricey cleverly matched us in pairs and it was interesting to see how we all worked together. I was with Lee Steggles who had an amazing ability to calm me down mid WOD. I am normally able to just follow instructions, get my head down and go, but I can also be really hard on myself if things start to break down or I can’t hit reps I was hoping to. Lee helped and I found myself in a really good place throughout this workout. It’s good to sometimes throw down with someone you aren’t used to training with. This session ended with a 20 minute ROM WOD – mobility and breathing exercises.

rom wod

The rest of the week eased off a tiny bit in terms of intensity. We had a partner strongman session which was really good fun – playing with atlas stones, yolk carry, tyre flips etc. I love this kind of training and it was good to throw that in there along with the traditional CrossFit training. We had an early morning trail run up a mountain. This was probably one of my favourite workouts of the week and it was great to be outside and with the whole team doing something we don’t normally do. We also had our Strength in Depth Qualifiers to do so we used one of our sessions to do this.


It wasn’t all hard work and training though…us CrossFitters train hard but know how to party too 😉 On Saturday we had the afternoon to ourselves and the group split into 2. Half of us were invited on a boat trip – Iain Hutchinson one of our members who was also in Majorca at the same time as us, very kindly hired a trawler and took a few people out on a boat trip around the island. I didn’t go but I heard some great things about it – fishing, swimming, sight seeing eating/drinking and relaxing. The rest of us headed to Nikki Beach – and enjoyed a day in the sun by the pool with good friends, good food & drink. After the week we had of training it was nice to be able to let off a little steam and have some fun outside of the box.

boat nikki

Sunday we just let the day take it’s own course. We wondered into the day a bit, ate some food, relaxed and headed to the beach for a final swim and catch the last of the summer sun. I know I am not the only one who was really sad to leave Majorca and a few of us are still feeling the effects of the training sessions. I feel like we had a 4 day competition – which is perhaps what was intended for us?! I hope I can return next year, Majorca is a beautiful island and I feel very grateful that I was invited to go. A big thank you to Pricey and Heather for organising such a great trip and of course to Rob Martin for having us at his box. Until next time!


Coach Lexi

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