So I was the kid with a very short attention span, bored easily and always looking for the next fun thing (usually something that would get me in trouble!). While I like to believe I have outgrown my childish habits I still love trying new things and am always up for something fun and active. Luckily in 2010 I found Crossfit and have never looked back. The complexity and diversity of the movements and skills, the level of technique required and always striving for that extra few KG or an improved movement pattern has had me not only hooked as an athlete but fascinated as a coach.

    Understanding and dissecting movement mechanics is one of my ‘focus’ area as a coach, and I am constantly drawing and learning from the amazing knowledge of this unique community, where coaches and athletes from ranging disciplines collaborate and are forging a new understanding of fitness. It is this fastidious fasciation with body mechanics combined with this developing industry that has not only led me to coaching but also to get my degree in Sports Therapy, which I am currently completing.

    My love of Crossfit also comes from the social life that accompanies this sport across the globe. Having trained and coached in numerous gyms around the world, there is an international language that will allow you access to a community no matter where in the world you go. Walking into a box from London to Sydney you will always get a friendly welcome and can find common ground comparing Fran times or enduring the Work Out of the Day.

    As any good teacher or coach will tell you, you never stop learning. But even with my experience of numerous gyms around the world, none have captured this community and culture of knowledge so well as Crossfit Perpetua, which is what excites me to come in to work every day. Everyday I learn something new, teach something new and discover new limits both for my athletes and myself.

    Pretty good for a kid who gets bored easily!