In 2009, David started training in the CrossFit method to take his fitness to a higher level. He got hooked on the reality and functionality of the training. Not only did he notice vast improvements in some of his favourite pastimes, like surfing, but also found his day to day living easier and more enjoyable. As the phrase goes “healthy body, healthy mind”.

    In 2010 David joined with his brother and expanded CrossFit Dublin. Initially they moved to a box in Blackrock and in 2012 they expanded by opening the City Centre Box which is managed by David. Further expansion has led to the opening of a London Box in 2013 and a decision to sell the Blackrock box. Both locations now hold the same name – PERPETUA CROSSFIT.

    David has brought up the majority of the Perpetua team here in Dublin as well as having developed the current owners of numerous boxes throughout Ireland through the Crossfit Apprenticeship programme Perpetua Dublin and London run.

    Every day, Dave looks forward to inspiring his members/coaches to achieve their goals of better health and fitness. He believes in leading by example, and can be seen testing most of the WODS before members take them on. Dave is proud of the community that CrossFit Perpetua has become, where athletes from all over come to get the very best in training.

    • Crossfit Level 1 2010 (New York, USA)
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting (Mike Burgener, Milan, Italy)
    • Crossfit Gymnastic 2011 (Jeff Tucker, Manchester, UK)
    • OPT Movement and Assessment – Ongoing (“OPT” James Fitzgerald)

    CrossFit Achievements:
    • Crossfit Team European Regionals (Copenhagen 2011, finished 16th in Europe)