James McShaneCoach

    James first found CrossFit in 2011 in Seoul, South Korea, where he was an English teacher. Impressed with the results, he attended the CrossFit Level 1 the following year, wanting to understand the structure and philosophy of the method. He came away wanting to coach and remaining a member of the gym, he shadowed and observed the coaches for 18 months.

    In 2013 he started coaching small groups, first in London then in Saudi Arabia. During this time he completed the Level 2 and Gymnastics courses. A year later James travelled the US and Canada visiting as many CrossFit gyms as he could. Upon his return to London he decided that he wanted to coach full time. He spent 18 months at other CrossFit gyms in London which helped develop his coaching style. During this time he also completed the CrossFit Kids course.

    “The opportunity to move on to Perpetua was one I couldn’t pass up. It has motivated and challenged me to improve as both an athlete and coach. I come in each day looking to help every member leave the gym moving, feeling and performing better than when they arrived.”