LEECompetitor’s Coach


    Being the ripe old age lets me say the old adage of “If I knew what I know now when I was younger……”.
    That sort of pushes me to do what I do now, coach and inspire / support others to be able to not only improve or perform better but to learn more. Learning how to move, lift, train and apply that to someone’s every day life is, in my opinion, the most important part of exercise.

    To allow myself to be able to educate people to the highest level I have completed a Sports Coaching degree at a the sports university; UWIC, as well as completed placements in different countries attached to various sports teams and also worked of one of the biggest gym chains in the world. All this experience hopefully allows me to interact and connect with all types of members that may walk through the door, be it with factual based teaching or a bit of banter here and there. The key is to connect and build a community, once that’s achieved learning and facilitation can begin.

    I’ve been doing Crossfit as a member for over 3 years now in a fairly large amount of facilities. I think the whole community and team work thing is what keeps me coming back, solo individual workouts are the struggle so I feel your pain, but what doesn’t kill you………gives you great abs!! haha

    B.S.c (Hons) Sports Coaching
    Crossfit Level 1
    Crossfit Football
    BWLA Level 1
    NASM level 3
    TRX, Kettlebell, Polar, Spin, ViPR……….

    What is your athletic background?
    Semi pro rugby union and league
    Crossfit Regionals team comp

    Why do you want to coach and educate people?
    Sharing is caring. If by working with someone I can achieve a 1% improvement then its selfish to not do that, right?

    What is your favorite and least favorite CF workout?
    Favorite: Short benchmarks – Grace, Isobel, Fran, Diane
    Least: AMRAPs, Anything over 10 minutes / or cardio based!! (Fronin hates cardio so I’m in good company!! Haha)

    Why Crossfit Perpetua?
    PPTA is a huge name in London and I therefore want to be at one of the top boxes. Since being here its clear to see all members want to improve and also build a community together, this keeps me coming back for more!!!