What exactly is it that I do? I provide people with an opportunity to re-establish and improve their fitness, strength and overall well-being. CrossFit has provided me with life-changing benefits and coaching has given me the chance to share this experience with others. As a fitness enthusiast I was looking for a combination of coaching knowledge and a state of the art facility. At CrossFit Perpetua I found the perfect combination of the two.

    Why CrossFit? The art of functional movement with the added intensity was hard to overlook. Providing people with the opportunity to stay strong and healthy for longer was definitely something that appealed to me. As the preferred training method chosen for myself, CrossFit is by far the most effective. With the correct application and attention to movement, it is arguably one of the best training methods around. With scalable intensity and the use of functional movements, CrossFit is accessible to all.

    From an active member to a Coach at Perpetua, my journey is far from over. Fitter, faster and stronger both physically and mentally is what fuels my passion to coach. My belief is is that, no matter where you start, you will always have a unique journey into fitness and health. Walking through the struggles of this journey is something I have done myself. My ultimate goal is to connect with each person I train in a way that motivates them to perform at their highest level, overcome their struggles and provide them with the same life-changing benefits that I have experienced.