Mark has had a very broad and diverse fitness journey so far, and it is still expanding to this day. From an early age Mark began Kickboxing in which he pursued for 3 years, entering various competitions across the country and having the medals to prove it. During his school years he was involved in many sports but his main talent lay in athletics, representing the school in events such as the high jump and 400m sprint.

    What really ignited his passion for fitness however, was because of an injury he sustained breaking both his collarbones mountain biking. After a few months of recovery and not liking to sit around, this left him in a position to which he had to look for something new. So he joined a gym in Blackrock. This opened many new doors for him. Strength training became his goal, progressing very quickly in lifts such as the bench, deadlift and squat. This gave him a great base to work from.

    In Mark’s early college years he began training in Athletics yet again. As time went by, Mark then came across the Crossfit games. Combining a lot of interests and the experience under his belt, it seemed only viable to start. So he joined CrossFit and began his training. Over the past few years Mark has completed his KG Elite Performance Strength and Conditioning course, trained in CrossFit Phuket and UNIT 27 S&C gym in Thailand, and is currently training Brazilian jiu-jitsu every week and gymnastics every second week.

    Welcome Mark! Mark will also be working at the fuel bar so say hi if you see him around the gym!