OzzieHead Coach


    I’ve always been around a coaching environment. Having played hockey for England through all the age groups I was being coached day in, day out since I was 12. Alongside this I was coaching others, whether it was juniors at my club or peers at club or university level. Though I loved being a full time athlete I’ve always had a great passion for coaching and learning new skills. CrossFit feeds both those passions to the max. To get the chance to coach every single day is hugely satisfying and as any experienced CrossFitter or good coach will tell you, you’re never done learning.

    Having graduated from Loughborough University with a Bsc in Sports Science with Management and then a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology, I decided to pursue a career in personal training. After spending several years doing personal training outdoors I found CrossFit and CrossFit South London. Something clicked. The professional environment in the gym, constant learning, high quality of coaching and team ethos stoked a fire in me that I hadn’t felt since I represented my country. That’s what comes across in every class and personal training session I coach.

    For me, CrossFit is about giving clients the tools necessary to live a life of optimal health. The knowledge of how to eat properly, fix yourself when you’re injured, train safely and effectively, and the chance to build relationships with like-minded people who will encourage, push and drag you to achieving your goals with them. An environment like ours is near impossible to find anywhere else in the industry and lies at the heart of all our members achievements.