Test your Fitness: Surviving the Open – Hints and Tips

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By Coach Rusty

Welcome back to the Grind! Open 14.1 left us on our backs, gasping for air and 14.2 is no different.

Another classic couplet of Overhead Squats and Chest to Bar pull ups coming your way…


0:00 – 3:00

2 rounds

10 OHS 43 / 30 kg

10 pull ups

3:00 – 6:00

2 rounds

12 OHS

12 pull ups

6:00 – 9:00

2 rounds

14 OHS

14 pull ups

Continuing to add 2 reps until you cannot complete the reps inside the time cap.

Similar to Open WOD 13.5, this WOD has an evolving time cap, i.e. if you meet the workload inside the time requirements your time cap is extended.  This is also a ladder, so the amount of work you have to get done increases but the time cap remains the same, three minutes.

Mobility & Warm Up

You’ll want to focus on getting your shoulders and hips warmed up and ready to go.

Use mobility techniques such as lunging lizard, goblet squats, banded hip and shoulder distractions etc. See the coaching team for mobility and priming exercises.

Overhead Squat

Get the first rep.

Each time you pick up the bar, set the first rep and make sure it is solid in position and depth of squat. Regardless of how you get the bar up – muscle/power snatch, clean & press/onto back and up – set the first rep then move with control. Once you have control, then add the speed, making sure to hit depth and clearly opening up the hip at the top.

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

This is the hard part of the WOD. This is where the challenge is touching the bar with your chest anywhere below the collarbone.

See this link for movement standards:


New to the Open

This is a tough piece, a challenging overhead squat mixed with a tough pull up for most.

Take your time with the OHS to set the first rep and make each rep count. Don’t waste energy with no reps.

Chest to Bar pull ups are super challenging, however any style of grip is permitted.

Ie. pull up, chin up or mixed grip pull up.

Play with these and who knows? You may get your first chest to bar pull up this open….

Never go to failure, on anything.

If you need to break the OHS try to set it on your back and rest there or if you have to, put it down and reset.

On the pull ups do NOT go to failure unless it’s your last rep, otherwise it will be…..

Manage your numbers with small targets – this will pay off later in the WOD.


Again, set the first rep of the OHS solid and then let the legs do the work and use the time gained on the pull ups.

Butterflies NO. Unless you have butterfly kipping pull ups on lock these will be extremely gassy and expensive on your arms ultimately diminishing your score. Any no reps in this workout will be extremely costly. Use your standard gymnastic kip to ensure you make contact with the bar and then if you are running out of time maybe give the butterflies a bash otherwise NO.


This WOD is both evolving in time and work load so pacing is again a factor.

Put it this way Run 400m in 3:00 now run 500m in 3:00 now run 600m in 3:00 etc.

If you redline sprint the first one will you still have enough energy to finish the others?? Most likely not, therefore take your time in the early rounds.  Walk between exercises, breathe recover and aim to keep your stress and heart rate low until you really need to hit the gas.

Keep an on the clock to ensure you are not wasting time and will complete the workload in time.

Then when you just make it into the next round it’s time to hang on and go for it until the buzzer!!!


Good Luck athletes see you down the rabbit hole

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