Test your Fitness: Surviving the Open – Hints and Tips

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“Don’t F@#k with the Deadlift”

14.3 is Deadlifts and box jumps. A potent combination of posterior strength and midline stability, this workout is going to be tough.

In 8 min, get through as much as possible of the following:

10 Deadlifts (61 / 43 kg)
15 Box jumps
15 Deadlifts (84 / 61 kg)
15 Box jumps
20 Deadlifts (102 / 70 kg)
15 Box jumps
25 Deadlifts (125 / 84 kg)
15 Box jumps
30 Deadlifts (143 / 93 kg)
15 Box jumps
35 Deadlifts (166 / 102 kg)
15 Box jumps

Thanks Crossfit HQ for the weights, real simple.

Warm Up & Mobility

This WOD will light up your posterior chain, so you better be warm. Everything behind you from your Achilles and calves up to your hamstring, back and neck.

Get in a solid 10min CV warm up on a rower, air dyne etc.

Mobilise your calves, hamstrings and lower back with scap push ups, dowel good mornings, and RDL’s

Try a Banded Hip Distraction:

photo 3

Then begin to warm up your movements…


Warm up your dead to the weight you think you will get to, do not go above your 3RM.

Box Jump:

Establish how you will be rebounding: jump up step down or just step ups.

Technique & Strategy:

This is not a workout to find your new 1RM

If there is a weight that you get to that you have not lifted before, Stop.

Experienced CrossFitters should break their sets to ensure good form the whole way through the WOD.


Wear flat shoes – Nano’s, Inov-8s. No lifting shoes.

Use a mixed grip, i.e. one hand over the bar, one hand under the bar. This will minimise the strain on your forearms and strengthen your grip on the bar. Try both ways.

Switch on your lats and take the tension out of the bar.

Don’t overextend your lower back at the top of the movement. Push your hips through, squeeze your butt, do not extend (lean) through your back.

Keep your neck and back in a neutral position. You shouldn’t be looking at the ceiling!!!

When the weight gets heavy break up your sets to minimise time under tension, such as 3-5 reps. If and when you go to singles, make sure you rest your back every rep.

Box Jumps:

Do what you feel comfortable with and have PRACTICED before. Whether that is rebound or step ups do what you think you will be able to maintain the longest.

Tip for Steps ups: use the corner of the box to minimise the distance you need to step up and not kick the box.

Tip for Jumping or Rebounding: land on the box standing as tall as possible, try to avoid landing in a partial squat to save your lungs and legs. If you find you are landing in a deep squat or a “heavy” landing, I would suggest switching to steps to save time and energy.


After the WOD, be sure to get in a mash or some Q-time on the roller to minimise the inevitable DOMs. Make sure you hit your glutes (particularly upper), lower back, hamstrings, and calves as these areas will likely be feeling it the most.

photo 1

Be safe, keep tight and Enjoy. See you in the ice bath after!

Coach Rusty

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