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Assess Manage Adapt…

It’s here the WOD we’ve been waiting for and expecting… the long one, the Chipper….

Why do we call this a chipper? Because you will have to do exactly that – keep chipping away at this WOD until the time runs out.

 Open 14.4 – 14min AMRAP

60 cal row
50 toes to bar
40 wallballs
30 cleans
20 muscle ups

Warm Up

You want to be CV ready to go. The 60cal row is not the warm up, so prep your movements.

  • Get on the rower for 6-8mins and play with the damper setting.
  • Row for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off to get warm and organised.
  • Practice your wallballs and also figure out your toes to bar approach – singles, one step, toes to bar, drop etc.
  • Do a barbell complex to get ready for the clean and warm up those shoulders.


Overhead position for the toes to bar and the muscle ups is key:

  • Lean shoulder into the band and move your arm overhead and behind your back to prepare for internal rotation
  • Banded lat stretch
  • Save the mashing for after the WOD.
  • Mobilise the hamstrings  for the cleans and the wall balls using a banded distraction in crease of the hip – lean into the band and bend over from the hip

Technique & Strategy

Even with a decreasing rep scheme, this WOD has a large volume in each movement. The key is to keep moving, do NOT go to failure and don’t burn out.

Relate this WOD to a 3km cross country run. There will be ups and downs but you have to keep moving even in the steep bits.  See my previous article ASSESS MANAGE ADAPT for more info on this.

The Row

Find a damper setting that allows you to keep a good even stroke every time and doesn’t feel like each stroke is a max effort to “start the rower again”

The higher the damper setting, the more calories created, but the greater energy expended – know your limits, practice in your warm up and find the setting that allows you to keep a good pace.

Toes to Bar

Break them up!! No matter your ability, this will catch up with you. Grip, lat strength, flow all play a factor in this exercise.

Chip away at the number. Even if that means only doing 50 singles depending on your ability, it doesn’t matter, as long as you keep moving.

If you can get doubles or triples even better but do NOT go to failure or you’ll be putting yourself in a place that you cannot recover from.

Wall Balls

If you can, try to keep them in manageable sets, but again don’t go to your max effort every throw, but try to aim for sets of 10-15.


There is a tie break at the end of the cleans. If you do not have muscle ups or you think you won’t finish them, then your time will be marked at the end of this movement

As we saw with the top athletes singles are the way to go. At this stage, grip is smoked, tired etc. So get a good set up each time, drop the bar and get set again.

But keep moving and stay on the bar.

Muscle Ups

Small small numbers the whole way! 1s and 2s will be the way for most of us. Who knows – you may even nail your first in competition!

Kip the dip from rep 1 to save your arms.

Don’t allow for failed reps – if you’re not ready to go, stay down and recover until you can finish the dip. It sucks more energy to get on top of the rings and then fail the dip.

This is going to be a tough one. The athlete that can best manage themselves will come out ahead.   Do not go to failure on anything. Know your abilities, focus only on your workout and no one else’s and try to enjoy it.

See you in the trenches!

Assess Manage Adapt…

Coach Rusty

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