The Clean & Rep Efficiency: Phase 3

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This is the most technically demanding portion of the exercise; it’s the phase when you position yourself under the bar as it rises in front of you, catching it on your shoulders.

Phase 3

How to Do It:

• As the bar approaches its maximum height, quickly pull your body underneath it, landing solidly in a quarter- to a full squat position with your gaze forward and your torso upright.

• At the same time, rotate your elbows forward and under the bar, allowing your grip on the bar to loosen as your wrists turn upward. Catch the bar on the fronts of your shoulders.

• Once the bar feels steady, slowly stand upright.

A few words from Coach Mike Burgener:

“The final step of the clean should never feel like you’re just dropping downwards… You’re really actively shrugging and pulling yourself down and under the bar… This segment is about speed, not strength.” He adds, “Don’t try to maintain a death-grip on the bar when you perform the catch.You only need your fingertips — and maybe not even all of them — on the bar to steady it in that rack position.”

You may, however, need a little more wrist flexibility to make that position comfortable. I suggest stretching the forearm by bending the wrists backward until you feel a comfortable stretch, pressing them firmly against the floor or a wall, and holding that position for 20 to 30 seconds a few times a day.


1. Sit into a deep squat, place the bar on the knees and curl the bar to your chin. Try to push the elbows right under the bar.
Try to perform 3-5 sets of 10. If this is to difficult to perform in a squat, do this standing up.


2. Standing, holding the bar just under your chest, pulse or push the bar out in front. Perform 3 sets of 3-10 pulses/ reps.


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Coach Mike Causer

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