The Clean & Rep Efficiency: Phase 4

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Hi guys,

This is the last part of the blog regarding the clean – hope you enjoyed all the drills and tips and that you had time to practice some of them.


The Recovery

This is the easiest of the phases unless you either:

1) have insufficient leg strength, or

2) rush through the catch position and cause instability in the barbell.

In the full clean, you perform the concentric portion in the front squat. Not being able to do this basically says that you do not have enough strength to firstly support the weight or you are in a poor position to move the weight, hence making the movement difficult. Once you have secured the catch position, slowly stand upright.

With heavy loads you will also notice that some athletes are ”bouncing” out of squat position without pausing at the bottom.


Using a 5-15kg plate. Place the heels hip width apart with turned out toes. Hold the plate against your chest. Push the plate out to above shoulder height with perfectly straight arms as you drop in to a squat. As you squat push your knees as wide as you can. As you stand pull the plate back your chest. Perform 3-5 sets for 5-12 reps.


Coach Sal

Coach Mike Causer

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