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CrossFit South London is a dedicated, full time strength and conditioning facility…the premier CrossFit facility in London. We have enough Kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, jump boxes, medicine balls, rowers, gymnastics rings, parallettes and pull-up bars to effectively train up to 20+ athletes at a time.Along with that we have a full changing facility.

We have tried to build an  enviorment and experience that will support hard work , give you the knowledge to go on a live a healthy life and use your training program a great way to improve the social side of your life been in a community built on honesty.

Whether your goals include enhanced athletic performance, weight loss, health and longevity, or just elevating your training, our mission is to enable you to look, feel and perform at your best.  We train mostly in a group setting, whether it be general strength and conditioning classes or endurance and olympic weightlifting sessions; however, at CFSL we also realize that each person presents a unique situation which should be reflected in a customized program design and nutritional prescription.  For this reason, we also offer individual coaching options.

As coaches we are highly trained and certified individuals with a lifelong dedication to health and fitness.  Experienced at managing groups as well as working with individuals in a one-on-one setting, our staff can help implement the best possible route for you to reach your specific goals and optimal health.  We do this through individual assessments aimed at determining strengths/weaknesses, fitness, and proper nutrition strategies.  Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to optimize performance, a weekend warrior training for your first marathon, or looking to begin the journey toward health and wellbeing, we are here and ready to support you.

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