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So the Open season is approaching fast and with a little over a month to go we wanted to use this opportunity to highlight why you should get involved in the Open this year. The ultimate aim of the Open is to find CrossFits fittest Males and Females, but for the majority of people who enter, it is a great way to benchmark your current fitness and get involved in some fun competition.

For those who are newer members to Perpetua – here’s what it’s all about…


The Open is a worldwide competition that consists of a series workouts based over a 5 weeks, with one workout being released a week. Once the workout has been released everyone who entered will complete the workout which will be judged at the gym and scores submitted to a worldwide leader board. There is both scaled and RX Levels.

Perpetua Open – How it Works:

We will be holding our Perpetua Open ‘Saturdays 11am to 3pm’ –  Last year we had 85 members taking part and it is set to be another great event this year.  There will be an event running each Saturday from 11am. The goal is to get as many members of the gym to attend, whether you are participating or not, to create an amazing atmosphere. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the effort, the bigger the PB’s list will be.  If you haven’t entered a competition before it’s a great chance to push and test yourself.  Highly recommended for all levels.


The honest answer is because it’s amazing!!! Regardless of how long you have been doing CrossFit for, it a great opportunity to get involved in the community, meet new people, test and benchmark your fitness and also it’s pretty cool hearing people cheer your name whilst you’re pushing yourself more than you ever have. The greatest thing is that the competition is for everyone, with an RX and scaled version it makes it accessible to all. There is also a host of various cool things you can do, like create leader boards amongst people you know to create a competition between yourselves, check where you stand worldwide, in Europe and even within the Gym.

If you’re still unsure, check out the following video and don’t hesitate to ask your coach or fellow members who may have participate before, on what it means to them.


For those who wish to get their scores on the CrossFit Open leaderboard across the globe and compare yourselves internationally….and for a chance to make it to the Games 😉 Use the Following link to register yourself, pay your $20(Totally worth it), set your affiliate to CrossFit Perpetua and edit your profile as you see fit.

Once registered, keep an eye out for event details at the gym and start getting excited about challenge yourself and having a lot of fun!!!

When is it?

Event 1) Saturday 27th February 2016 11am -3pm

Event 2) Saturday 5th March 2016 11am -3pm

Event 3) Saturday 12th March 2016 11am -3pm

Event 4) Saturday19th March 2016 11am -3pm

Event 5) Saturday 26th March  2016 11am -3pm (Easter Saturday)

What should I do to get ready?

Our current programming cycle is focusing on preparing for the open! Read more about it here.

Please Note:

On Fridays we will run the Open workouts during class but under no circumstances can it be judged.
All judging and subsequent validation of scores for the Open will happen on Saturdays only.
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