Signing Up to The Open – A Member's Perspective!

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Who helped you sign up for the Open?
When I​ ​first​ heard about the Open at Perpetua I asked a few people whether it would be a good idea to sign up, given that I ​had only had 4 months of CrossFit​ training. They all said go fo​r it, which I found very encouraging.​ My coach actually made it sound easy​: ‘​It’s never too early to sign up. If there’s ​a part of it ​you can’t do, don’t do it’.​

What did you learn?
We had a day between seeing the workout online and actually doing it, so enough time to read tips and practise movements.​ ​​On the day ​of the workout ​I ​found I ​was ​a lot ​more focused on​ my​ form than on a​ny other​​ regular training day​. ​
Some mental resilience is definitely required​ to be consistently fired up for a drawn-out competition. Then again I found the Open much less mentally taxing than the 12 WODs of Christmas, because you have seven days to recover between workouts. ​I signed up to a daily email from ​to help me concentrate ​on doing things right ​and not be distracted by ​unhelpful thoughts or ​what was going on around me.

​Teamwork: Although you compete alone, you still need a buddy to judge you, so in fact you are in a team.
Community: It seems the slower and weaker I was, the more I was cheered on.
​Fitness: I improved at all the movements we did at the Open, especially wall balls and overhead lifts. ​T​he pressure ​of competing makes you ​go harder​ and once you’ve worked at that level of intensity, you add intensity to your normal workouts.
​The big picture: checking your name on the leaderboard and realising you are part of a much bigger community.

Lowlights? ​
​All the fails: ​In workout 16.2, I couldn’t lift enough weight to make it to round two,​ so I did one round only. I felt really lame but glad I did it nonetheless as it pointed out my limits.​ ​In workout 16.4 I ran out of time at the end of the row and did’t make it to the push-ups​. ​​
​The big picture: checking your name on the leaderboard and being below average!

​Why should new joiners do the Open?
​I think it would take ​me months to ​make the improvements I ​made​ at the Open in just 5 weeks. Looking at the long term, ​I expect to improve every year so it will be ​very encouraging to see ​that on record.​ Make sure to sign up!

Thanks to member Stella for her input!

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