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FullSizeRender-1-223x300Over the year’s I have written many, many bio’s and in all honesty, I really dislike doing it. So I had a good think of how I can introduce myself to you all without boring myself…As you can imagine I am asked a lot of random questions about myself and my profession, so I have decided to post the ones that pop up often, in the bid to give you all a better idea of who I am, what I do and why?

How long have you been doing this for?
Well, I first started studying health and fitness along with sports therapy back in 1997…..A long time!

This question is always followed by, “How old are you exactly???”
“Ha ha” is usually the answer

Why are you always studying?
I just cannot stop! It is addictive, stressful and rewarding (A bit like CrossFit).

I am currently studying for my MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St Mary’s Twickenham.

Have I seen you somewhere before?
Probably…. If you are in the Crossfit community you have more than likely seen myself (I maybe even treated you) and #teamclique at some of the UK events such as TAG, The Super Cup, The British Championships, Battle of the Beasts and SiD. The next stop for us will be Battle of the Boxes in April.

Do you CrossFit?
No..not anymore. I started Crossfit about 4 years ago and kept it up for about 2 years. I was a proud member of CrossFit Bold.

Powerlifting is my thing now, although I do still weightlift for my coaching development that is required for my MSc degree.

What do you think about CrossFit?
I think you are all mad! NEVERTHELESS, I get it! I just get to show my love for it from a therapists view now… I have been training and working in the CrossFit community for just over 4 years… it’s Marmite.

What is your attraction to combat athletes?
Yeah, This is a question I am asked a lot. People tend to think fighters are aggressive balls of anger. They really are the most kindest, considerate and disciplined athletes I have the pleasure to work with. The discipline they apply to their sport and training is admirable. Coming from a disciplined up bringing and a martial arts background myself, I really have a soft spot for this trait.

What do you mean you are not a masseuse?
Yes, I do sports massage when requested, it was one of the first modalities I qualified for, but calling me a masseuse is the fastest way to piss me off. Sorry extra digs may happen…

What is a sports therapist then?
To be fair we come in all shapes & sizes, but the majority of us work with the prevention of injuries. If an injury is present, we assess the injury and provide treatment by using a combination of our many modalities. Rather like a tool box…. mobilisation, corrective exercise, exercise prescription, acupuncture, YES sports massage, manipulations, ice therapy, trigger pointing, Kinesio taping, MET, ultrasound…the list goes on and on.

Not all ST’s are qualified in all of these modalities but luckily for you guys, I am!

Can you fix me?
LoL I will do my best to help you and your body, heal the fastest and best way possible.

Why so serious?
Not serious at all, just one of those faces…unless you call me a masseuse.

Have you worked with any famous people?
Many. I have worked with politicians to rockstars and it is just not my thing. I have a passion for sports and healthy environments. The gym floor is where I belong.

How are you settling in at Perpetua?
A recent question. I am settling in really well actually. Awesome coaches and management, they have made me feel very much at home and are keeping me super busy.

So I guess you may have a few questions of your own now?
Like, When are you at Crossfit Perpetua? How do I book in for an appointment to sort out my niggles, help keep me in the best possible condition to perform these WODS, help me to recover quicker so I can go do another crazy WOD tomorrow???

I am at Crossfit Perpetua Monday to Friday 10am – 8pm usually by appointment but walk in’s are welcome when there is availability. If you see me on the gym floor please always feel free to walk up to me with any queries or just to say hi!