Training, a stressor or a stress outlet?

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As a CrossFitter, physical training is part of your life. For a lot of you it is a large part of your life. Spending upwards of an hour, 6 days of the week dedicated to becoming an even better version of you.

Even though your training is there to prepare you for success, the process MUST be an enjoyable one.

I guarantee that 90% of you walked though the doors of Crossfit Perpetua with no aspirations to become a competitive athlete. You started with the goal to improve other areas of your life.

This poses the question: Are you using your training as a way to let off steam and improve your quality of life? Or are you getting caught up in the potentially damaging area of training yourself into a hole every day?

The gym should be a place of therapy, inspiration and enjoyment.

Now I’m not telling you not to train hard. That’s not my point.  My point is that sometimes we need to take a step back and remember why we do what we do. What are your priorities? Is getting that muscle up or hitting that bodyweight clean and jerk getting in the way of your real goals of losing 5kg or being more productive at work?

Align yourself with your priorities.

By aligning yourself with your true priorities you can turn training from a potential stressor into an outlet of stress.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are much better at working towards the things we really want.

If your true priorities are to be a competitive athlete then this point still applies. Don’t get caught up with bad training days or missed lifts. The process is more important than the end goal. After all the process is a lifetime, so if you might as well enjoy it!

Why is this so important?

Training is physically and mentally taxing on your body. To see the positive side effects you must allow your body to recover effectively. One of the limiting factors of speed of recovery and adaption is total stress level on the body. Work stress, relationship stress, lack of sleep, moving house etc. These stressors all add up and create slow recovery times. This is often manifested in the form of short term ‘overtraining’. This ‘overtraining’ is almost always lack of recovery.

To reduce the chance of this occurring, reducing the number of external mental stressors is invaluable.

Reducing work or relationship stress is often easier said than done. But reducing the mental stress caused by training is simpler.

The ability to take a step back and remind yourself that you CrossFit for fun or for better health and higher energy levels will quickly allow you to let a missed session or a bad training day go.

So ill say it again. Align yourself with your priorities. Life will become much simpler when all aspects are supporting your goals.

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Letting that missed lift get to me.

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