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On my recent trip to Thailand I planned my training around the destinations and the type of training I could incorporate at each destination; muscle ups when staying in a tree house, body weight work whilst just at the beach.

What I realised was my limits would be the ability to use barbells, I guessed this wouldn’t be an issue, after all CrossFit trains functional movements – as long as I could find some rocks and logs there’s no reason why I couldn’t still clean and overhead squat.

Then I realised that perhaps a holiday was a time to train my weakness’ and work on skills, training these movements through repetition is how the body gets use to them. Movements such as double unders are neurological, meaning they need training and practise. As coaches we teach you the skill, provide you with the mechanics and then we want you to practise these movements until you can consistently complete the same movement over and over again.

Ring Dips being a weakness of mine were incorporated into every workout I completed on holiday, sure not all of you are going to want to carry gymnastic rings in your luggage, but I’m sure you all need to work on those devil double unders? A skipping rope in your bag is nothing and you should all own your own rope by now!

EMOM’s (Every minute on the minute) are a great way to train if you don’t know what to do. 10 sets of DU’s, every minute on the minute, start with hitting a number you can achieve, 10 singles, 10 doubles or 20 doubles. As the skill develops you can increase your reps.

Always remember the mechanics and consistency come before intensity and intensity doesn’t just mean the load of weights being added or how fast you go, it also includes reps and numbers. Set a goal, achieve it and then increase.


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