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For many of you who read any of my blogs posted on the Perpetua website, you may have noticed a certain trend within the content. I like to write blogs about what I notice in and around the Box. This one is a little off topic at first glance although there is method in the madness.

As most of you are aware, a team of Perpetua athletes recently assembled and embarked on a 5-hour road trip down to Dartmouth, to participate in a Crossfit style event, which consisted of 5 unknown workouts and a weekend of camping with roughly 600 fellow athletes. Following a few issues with the original team, I was in the fortunate position to be asked if I would like to become a member of the team. My immediate answer to this was a very quick yes, without even knowing what we were about to face. All I knew was that I was keen to compete and push myself to my limits alongside a few people I have befriended throughout my Crossfit journey. My next thought was to get an idea of what I had just signed up for and think of ways on how to prepare. After watching a few videos I came to the conclusion that I would need to rely on Crossfit’s lessons on being GPP(Generally Physically Prepared) to carry me from event to event, but all I knew was that, the excitement was growing with each day that came closer.


Fast forward a couple months and we were now in the position where it was just 2 weeks to go, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the WODS we all carefully watched the Tribal Clash Facebook page hoping for some form of info. With all the excitement building we faced the task of having to recruit a new teammate 2 weeks away from competition, which we managed to do successfully and the preparation finally could start, but we soon realized we had no Events to prepare for and the wait was killing us. Suddenly, an update, a picture that looked like Atlas Stones (which by definition is a large heavy stone used for testing strength by lifting it), this was a bit of a shock and definitely nothing any of us had ever lifted. GPP I knew was the answer, or so I told myself, after all this is the reason we do Crossfit. It was at that moment after trying to figure out where we could find one, that we were just going to have to freestyle. Until, with a week to go, BOOM, 5 Events ANNOUNCED, just as we were ready for the unknown. After a close study of the events, we quickly realized that trying out a few of the events was going to be near impossible, as we did not have the kind of kit that was required. Atlas Stones, Logs and Fat Bar Pull up Rigs to name a few. With all this seeming hard to try out, we decided that workout strategy would be enough to keep us in the game, so we studied the Events (which were confusing to say the least) and carefully plotted our way through them based on our strengths and weaknesses.



Following many hours of camping preparations (which clearly we were all rookies at), the day was finally upon us. We assembled at the Box at 6.30am with a team of 4 athletes and 2 backroom staff. Tanks filled with fuel, bags and tents packed we headed down the coast. 5 hours and many narrow roads later we arrived at the registration hall. We collected our info pack and headed down towards the campsite, things had officially got real. In no time we had a great spot and the tents were up and we were ready to check out the arena. Feeling brave, we gathered our swimming gear and a towel and headed over to the beach. We walked around glancing at the equipment, trying to think about how we were going to plot our way through each Event. With towel in hand and only a few of us crazy enough to want to take a swim, we managed to convince the rest it would be a great idea and in we went, into the coldest water you can imagine. After a shower and some fresh clothes, it was now 7pm and time for the opening ceremony. As all the athletes assembled into the arena, my eyes scanned the teams curiously and I began to notice a certain trend, they all seemed to be massive, beastly human beings compared to us, my immediate thoughts were, what have we got ourselves into?? Following a competition briefing and some amazing tribal drumming we headed back to camp for some dinner and a team chill out. I could see the nerves growing in each athlete as Day 1 of the events approached us.


To be continued…

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